Tinton Falls Middle School

Comprised of grades five through eight, the Tinton Falls Middle School is an inclusive, team-oriented and student-centered learning community. Learning and school programs are aligned with a shared vision of understanding the developmental, emotional, social and educational characteristics of middle school students. The school integrates a variety of experiential learning opportunities to address students’ questions, focus on enduring issues and ideas and actively engage students in learning and problem-solving. TFMS teachers employ research-based instructional methods and strategies to ensure acquisition of knowledge and skills to guarantee the transfer of student learning to other content area classes and life. [Read More»]

Tinton Falls Middle School
674 Tinton Ave
Tinton Falls NJ 07724
Phone: 732 542 0775
Fax: 732 542 8723

Tinton Falls Middle School PTA VPs –

Selena McCoy and Dana Biasi

National Junior Honor Society 2020 Information Slides – TFMS NJHS Slides 2020